True Integrated Platform

The platform brings together IOT sensors, legacy MODBUS / SCADA systems, security video analytics and energy monitoring into one seamless experience.


A platform that scales up to handle multiple buildings and properties across a country or region.

  • Map view across a region to monitor multiple properties and regions.
  • Energy monitoring with readings aggregated or drilled down by region or building
  • Drill down to individual buildings, floors and rooms.

Platform Features


Integrate with 3rd party VMS or utilize the built-in video management system of the PSIM to power and monitor your CCTVs across multiple locations.


The platform utilizes machine learning and a dynamic rules engine to create smart rules – eventually enabling buildings and properties to effective run itself without human intervention.

Integrated Alerts

Instead of just a notification – the truly integrated platform will consume and interpret data on the fly for specific alerts – pulling data from disparate sources into one alert management screen for review.


The platform consumes video feeds directly or through a third party Video Management System, and utilizes advanced facial recognition software to recognize and store faces in real life situations.

Sensors that are included with our solution

  • IOT Gateway - ZIGBEE
  • IOT Gateway – WIFI/LORA
  • Smart Wall Sockets
  • Wireless Presence Tag & Emergency Button
  • Infrared Motion Detector
  • Motion On-Off Light Switch with Temperature Sensor
  • Water Sensor
  • Dimmable LED Tube
  • Window door sensor

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